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Our mobile money payment technology for crypto fintech offers an efficient on-ramp and off-ramp infrastructure, enabling seamless transactions. Experience secure and reliable mobile money payments for your crypto business today. Simplify your payment processes and streamline your financial management with our neobank technology.

Case Study

A crypto player based in the United States aimed to expand its services into French-speaking West Africa. However, they needed a trustworthy partner

They turned to HUB2, which designed custom solutions to meet their specific needs. HUB2 developed off-ramp circuits on the Polygon blockchain to enable quick and cost-effective conversions while ensuring a high level of privacy through ON CHAIN and OFF-CHAIN technology.

HUB2 also ensured regulatory compliance by implementing comprehensive KYC procedures for transactions. Moreover, thanks to its status as a regulated Virtual Asset Service Provider in Mauritius, HUB2 was able to offer a high level of compliance and security to its clients.

Through collaboration with HUB2, this crypto player was able to successfully expand its services into French-speaking West Africa, offering an optimal user experience and rigorous regulatory compliance.

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Efficient Mobile Money Payment Infrastructure for Crypto Fintech


Our Fintech company prioritizes certified and compliance-first design for mobile money transactions. With our advanced technology, we offer secure, efficient and compliant transactions that meet regulatory standards. Our focus on certification and compliance ensures a seamless and trustworthy mobile money experience for all our customers, providing peace of mind and confidence in their financial transactions.


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