Secure Payments with HUB2

PCI DSS Compliance

At HUB2, we know that security and compliance are essential to providing reliable and trustworthy payment services. That’s why we have implemented the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) across our operations and services.


As a HUB2 customer, you can trust us to handle your payments with the highest level of security and compliance with the industry’s best practices. Our PCI DSS compliance means that we have implemented the necessary infrastructure, processes, and security measures to protect your sensitive payment data from theft and fraud.


Our PCI DSS compliance ensures that we are providing you with a secure payment environment. This includes secure data centers and networks, access controls and monitoring, encryption and tokenization of sensitive data, regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, and more.


At HUB2, our commitment to security and compliance is ongoing. We regularly review and audit our systems and processes to ensure that we are meeting the highest levels of security and compliance with the PCI DSS. Our compliance with these standards is verified by independent third-party assessors to ensure that we are adhering to the highest levels of security.


Choosing HUB2 as your payment service provider means that you can rest assured that your payments are in good hands. With our PCI DSS compliance, you can trust us to provide secure and reliable payment services, allowing you to focus on growing your business.