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Our mobile money-powered neobanking interoperability solution enables seamless and secure transactions, revolutionizing the way you manage your finances. Experience the future of banking, with simplified payments and easy money transfers, all from the convenience of your mobile device. Join the mobile money revolution today and streamline your financial management with our neobank applied technology.

Case Study

One Neobank operating in West and Central Africa was experiencing a high transaction failure rate of 50% while providing cross-border remittance services to its customers. The Neobank struggled to integrate with Mobile Wallet providers and Mobile Money Operators (MMOs) in the region, leading to dissatisfied customers and issues with autoscaling and data compliance.

After implementing HUB2’s API solution, the Neobank’s transaction failure rate decreased from 50% to 2%, resulting in a significant increase in customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, and a growing customer base.


Failure rate decreased from 50% to 2%

How HUB2 Strongly Improved The Transfer Reliability of An African NEOBANK


Alternative Solution
  • Less than 60% success rate on Mobile Money Transfer 60% 60%

Almost 50% of transfers fail

Customer dissatisfaction (NPS negative)

Obstacle to the development


With Hub2
  • 98% success rate on Mobile Money Transfer 98% 98%

SLA respect with secure transfers

Customer satisfaction (NPS positive)

Business growth

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Our Fintech company prioritizes certified and compliance-first design for mobile money transactions. With our advanced technology, we offer secure, efficient and compliant transactions that meet regulatory standards. Our focus on certification and compliance ensures a seamless and trustworthy mobile money experience for all our customers, providing peace of mind and confidence in their financial transactions.


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